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About Us

Greater Nepal Weekly is published by Surendra Dhakal for Surendra Dhakal Foundation. The first issue was published in Baisakh 2069 (April 2012) and has continuously been publishing.  The main objective of the Weekly is to work for the well being of three mothers namely Mother Nepal, Mother Earth and Poor and Illiterate Mothers of Nepal. That is to say the Weekly promotes news, views and analysis that promote patriotism, ecology and social development by combatting poverty and illiteracy among poor and illiterate mothers of Nepal.
The Editorial Board and Contributors
The Editorial Board of the Weekly is composed of senior journalists and column writers of Nepal who write on issues related to patriotism, ecology, health, child and women rights, environmental degradation, corruption and social development Moreover the weekly has been a forum of the writers dedicated to patriotic eco-social development  at home and abroad.

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